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KIWIsmart exists to empower individuals from all walks of life to
build a better future by providing simple, affordable access to the
latest advancements in blockchain technology and education.
We set the example and model the way forward




Within 10 years, KIWIsmart will help ten million customers
worldwide with the knowledge, tools and support to foster greater
financial security and peace of mind for themselves, their families
and their communities.
KIWIsmart is recognized as a new, category-defining platform in the
direct sales space, re-imagining industry practices and norms and
what it means to be a modern-day direct sales organization.
KIWIsmart intends to set a new example from which other similar
organizations seek to model.
KIWIsmart will become a sought-after solution for both casual
hobbyists and seasoned leaders looking to join the new digital
financial frontier.
KIWIsmart is recognized as a leader for its commitment to all
community members including employees, customers, affiliates
and their communities.
KIWIsmart is recognized as a community that operates with the
greater good in mind. We are more than a product and a
compensation plan. We are a community of global change-makers
who seek a better future for the next generation and beyond.

2 Ways to earn 


Sell Trading Credits to Customers and build Affiliate Teams

$49 USD setup fee / $49 USD annual renewal fee (non-commissionable)

Receive commissions from Trading Credit sales and receive commissions from sales by their Affiliate team

Own a portion of KIWIsmart through the DAO



Purchase trading credits from an Affiliate for their personal use

Full access to KIWIsmart system

Own a portion of KIWIsmart through the DAO

Legal totally compliant unfair advantage

How would you like to be part of the very first totally compliant crypto trading MLM in the world?


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